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Chief's Son Distillery 45% Core Gift Pack 200ml

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Can't decide which of Chief's Son's beautiful whiskies you want to buy, or want to give a gift, then why not try this gift pack?

This bottle strength gift pack comprises 3 x 200ml 45% abv bottles of:

  • 900 Standard
  • 900 Pure Malt
  • 900 Sweet Peat

900 Standard: Chief's Son 900 Standard is a beautifully smooth, full-bodied, warm rich red whisky that bears our Standard whisky insignia and represents the distillery’s flagship single malt whisky. It’s crafted from a base and a specialty malt, including a small percentage of peated malt to impart a deep caramel flavor, all matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels.

900 Pure Malt: Chief's Son 900 Pure Malt switches out the peat for some darker specialty malt and is uniquely distilled using only fresh whisky wash and no fores-and-feints. This creates an incredibly crisp, full-bodied, deep malt explosion of caramel, toffee, and baked fruits. All matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels. Distilled only twice a year, this exceptional whisky is without a doubt the most unique and uplifting whisky on the market.

900 Sweet Peat: Chief's Son 900 Sweet Peat 45% is a modern, mild style of sweet peated malt whisky that is not a kick-in-the-head peated malt. This truly unique whisky creates a sweet, silky, creamy drinking experience, with a beautifully long finish. Add a touch of water to this whisky to really bring out the richness of the sweet malts and floral peat. All matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels.